Solar Power – Safe, Cheap, and Smart Energy

Solar Power – Safe, Cheap, and Smart Energy
November 16, 2016 Gerry Andrews

Homeowners in Maui and all over Hawaii are looking to a variety of alternatives

With energy prices skyrocketing, homeowners in Maui are looking to a variety of alternatives to supplement or completely replace their reliance on the electric grid. Once considered nothing more than a fanciful novelty, solar electric power is becoming ever more prevalent each year. In years past, solar panels were not efficient enough for mainstream use. However, regular advances in photovoltaic technology has allowed energy companies to mass produce panels that regular folks can afford.

Won’t Run Out



The best part of a solar electric power system is that the source of energy (our sun) won’t run out for billions of years. That is much better than relying on finite reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas for your energy needs. There are several reasons why solar electric power makes a lot of sense compared to using fossil fuels. Firstly, solar electric power is 100% free. Once you buy the equipment, it is free to operate, providing constant electricity to your home for decades to come. You will never have to purchase any fuel for your home ever again. Also, going green might get you some green in the form of tax credits, depending on where you live.

Businesses can also enjoy solar electric power. Energy costs are one of the primary concerns associated with operating businesses. Big companies are always looking to cut their costs. Investing in alternative energies now will pay off in the long run. Surely, Every business using alternative energy will benefit from their investment in the years to come.

Solar electric power is also 100% clean.

Fossil fuels create air pollution and deposit carbon dioxide into the air. Air pollution is a leading cause of many respiratory illnesses like asthma. The Carbon dioxide fossil fuels create are one of the leading causes of global warming. Alternative energies like solar electric power cause neither of these problems. Fossil fuels are limited, and they will run out eventually. Beyond that, they are damaging to the environment and more expensive over time to use. The upfront costs of solar electric power are higher, but the savings over time are much larger.

Any new homeowner in Maui should seriously consider purchasing solar electric power equipment. This type of electricity will save money, and more savings are possible through the use of tax credits. Instead of damaging the environment further and having heating and cooling at the mercy of the big energy companies. Why not make the smart, safe, and cheaper choice with solar electric power?


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