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    Combating Climate change through installing Solar Panels

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    When it comes to combating carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, one of the biggest improvements possible is installing solar panels. Solar panels help to reduce energy costs, reduce emissions, and above all improve the efficiency of one’s home. However, a solar panel installation is much more than a semiconductor sandwich. It is a system with a complex design to meet the power draw of an average home.

    Obviously, the basic components of a solar panel system are the panels themselves

    When making the decision, consider the size and durability of the model. For the size, the power output can vary depending on the technology (single crystal, thin film, or polycrystalline) but in general, a two square foot panel will output 50 watts, while an eight square foot panel will output 190. Durability-wise, most solar panels have an aluminum frame, allowing them to weather the efforts of nature.

    The second component of a solar panel system is the inverter

    An inverter converts DC to AC and is required because the power coming from the panel array is direct current (DC) while a home circuit only accepts alternating current (AC). Automatic shutoff capacity, battery charging capabilities, and surge capacity are what defines Inverters. An inverter actually runs off a personal battery bank to operate and must be able to automatically turn off when the load drops so as not to drain the power source. In a similar vein, the inverter must be able to pass a portion of the panel power towards recharging the battery bank. Lastly, all appliances have a startup surge, especially noticeable in large devices such as dryers. The inverter must be able to handle this surge, multiple surges if possible.

    Finally, every solar panel system utilizes a large array of batteries

    These batteries store and regulate power flow to the home. However, a charge controller must be in place to prevent damage from occurring. “Voltage regulating” begins  when the battery is full and the power is cut-off. Look for controllers featuring the maximum power point tracking or MPPT. This technology is in place to optimize panel energy production by changing charge rates at specific voltages. Also, the controller should feature battery temperature compensation or BTC. This system modifies the charge rate in relation to temperature, as the batteries are sensitive above and below 75F.

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    Why choose solar panels for home?

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    Over the last decade, there has been a common theme in alternative energy. That theme is solar panels, and the importance of this breakthrough is becoming more and more obvious every day. With rising gas prices, the toll that fossil fuels take on our planet, and growing alarm over a calamity due to global warming, more people are turning to solar panels to help meet their energy needs. You can become one of them, and not only will you save money, but you will become more independent, and save the planet as well.

    If you think about it, the idea of solar panels is truly a genius one

    We are always so busy trying to find bigger and better ways to power our homes and cars. All along there has been an endless supply of potential energy above us. The move to utilize this energy is a natural progression; after all, the sun has always been one of the incontrovertible necessities of life. Our ancestors used to warm them, to tell them time and direction. Of course, the heat and rays sustain our planet in a million ways.

    Solar energy works to take full advantage of the amazing amount of power that comes from the sun

    You can attach solar panels to any structure. Whether it is a tiny little house in the middle of the country, or an enormous office building in New York City. While for more complicated projects, such as industrial compounds or businesses, may need professional installation, it is easy to create the perfect solar panel construct for your own home.

    This can be done using solar panel kits, which can be purchased nearly anywhere online

    solar-kitsThese kits will allow you to install your own solar system. Which can greatly reduce the amount of gas and electricity that you use. This will save you a great deal of money in the end, and make a huge difference to the planet. You may even be able to receive a tax break from your state, which will reimburse you for your kit.

    What you need to do to find the perfect solar kit for your home and family is to decide exactly what it is you want and need. For instance, are you looking to decrease your electricity bill? There are kits specifically made for this purpose. Kits that will allow you to collect and store solar energy to use during those points in the day when you consume the most energy. Or, are you looking to become totally independent?  Other Solar panel systems can provide enough to power your home 24-hours a day. The energy you use depends on your family size and wattage consumption.

    Beyond this, there are also kits that are for heating and storing water. Some will even allow you to catch and use rainwater that it filtered and kept in an underground area that connects to your home. This takes you a step further in saving the planet and saving on those horrible monthly gas bills.

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    Solar Panels – Less Expensive Than You Think

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    You’d be surprised at how inexpensive Solar Panel Power Systems in Maui are these days

    If you ask most people why they don’t switch from electric to solar power, the main reason tends to be the cost of installing the solar panel power system. However, which would you rather do, pay once for the solar panel power system, or pay extravagant electricity charges to your electric company month after month…forever? Of course, you’d want to just pay the one time fee. As technology becomes more advanced, and solar power in Maui becomes more main stream, the prices for these systems are dropping fast. It’s best to install them now before you pay another dime to the electric companies.

    How Much Power?


    solar-cellsSolar panel power density will depend on where the locations of the panels. Their relation to the sun shining each day, as well as how big your home is, determines how much power you get. For a small house, a basic solar panel power system is required. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take an elaborate system to power even a large sized home. The cells collect the sunlight, a converter changes that power to usable energy and your home then gets power. The power that isn’t used is stored, for when the sun isn’t shining. The power saved is used to power your home at night time. It’s an efficient system and no longer are you relying on the electric companies to power your home.

    Self Sufficient

    You should realize that when you have a Maui solar panel power system installed on your home, no longer can you call someone when your power goes out. What if there’s a bad storm and your solar panel power system is knocked out? You’re going to have to get that repaired. If you don’t have the money for it, that means you could be out of power for some time. If you were with the electric company, you could just call them to come repair your electricity lines. However, being self-sufficient means you’re no longer tethered to the power companies. You are no longer a slave to their high electricity charges. And you don’t have to sign up for any lengthy contracts or pay any monthly bills.

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    Solar Power – Safe, Cheap, and Smart Energy

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    Homeowners in Maui and all over Hawaii are looking to a variety of alternatives

    With energy prices skyrocketing, homeowners in Maui are looking to a variety of alternatives to supplement or completely replace their reliance on the electric grid. Once considered nothing more than a fanciful novelty, solar electric power is becoming ever more prevalent each year. In years past, solar panels were not efficient enough for mainstream use. However, regular advances in photovoltaic technology has allowed energy companies to mass produce panels that regular folks can afford.

    Won’t Run Out



    The best part of a solar electric power system is that the source of energy (our sun) won’t run out for billions of years. That is much better than relying on finite reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas for your energy needs. There are several reasons why solar electric power makes a lot of sense compared to using fossil fuels. Firstly, solar electric power is 100% free. Once you buy the equipment, it is free to operate, providing constant electricity to your home for decades to come. You will never have to purchase any fuel for your home ever again. Also, going green might get you some green in the form of tax credits, depending on where you live.

    Businesses can also enjoy solar electric power. Energy costs are one of the primary concerns associated with operating businesses. Big companies are always looking to cut their costs. Investing in alternative energies now will pay off in the long run. Surely, Every business using alternative energy will benefit from their investment in the years to come.

    Solar electric power is also 100% clean.

    Fossil fuels create air pollution and deposit carbon dioxide into the air. Air pollution is a leading cause of many respiratory illnesses like asthma. The Carbon dioxide fossil fuels create are one of the leading causes of global warming. Alternative energies like solar electric power cause neither of these problems. Fossil fuels are limited, and they will run out eventually. Beyond that, they are damaging to the environment and more expensive over time to use. The upfront costs of solar electric power are higher, but the savings over time are much larger.

    Any new homeowner in Maui should seriously consider purchasing solar electric power equipment. This type of electricity will save money, and more savings are possible through the use of tax credits. Instead of damaging the environment further and having heating and cooling at the mercy of the big energy companies. Why not make the smart, safe, and cheaper choice with solar electric power?

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